Got an iPhone? Why not put the Sock Assist app into it?

It’s like having your own personal assistant trapped inside your phone (and you don’t have to feed him).

There’s no waiting for your phone internet browser - just hit the button and the Sock puts you through to one of our lovely operators. They can even connect you to the number you need.

And it doesn’t matter who your phone is with - Sock Assist just gives you super fast access to phone numbers, business listings, movie times, directions, weather and much more.

The app is free to download and includes 3 free call credits (mobile charges from your carrier will apply).

Click here to put a sock in it.
Available on the iPhone via App Store
What does the Sock do?

• No more waiting for your mobile phone browser
• Our operators do the searching and can connect you to the number
• Recent searches stored for you
• Results include phone numbers, addresses and location maps (where available)

How to Use
Terms and Conditions